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Blogs Lucianne Loves has a few rules:

  • You may make replies/comments on any posting you like but blogs/articles are posted by invitation only. 
  • If you are registered on Lucianne.com News Forum you are registered here and vice-versa.
  • Replies/comments must refer to the specific blog/article for its threadReplies on a thread that do not refer its posted article will be removed. 
  • When referring to other replies/comments already on a thread you must refer to the reply’s/comment’s number, do not refer to the username.  This makes it easier for readers to see what you are talking about by making it easy to find the reply/comment
  • Users must obey U.S. Copyright laws. Short quotes from copyrighted articles and web sites may be used in replies, but nothing more.  It is always best to state your opinion in your own words.
  • Anyone who has properly filled out the registration form may reply to any and all postings. However, we are not responsible for the content in any reply.  Unless the language used is objectionable or incites an extreme response, you are free to speak your mind.

A few things to keep in mind

Lucianne.com is a real time site.  Lucianne.com is monitored at all times by the Lucianne.com staff.  Should we decide that an individual poster is in repeated violation of these rules, that poster will be removed from the registry and posting privileges will be rescinded!

Lucianne.com’s registered users are our reporters.  By extension our users are the editors too.  Remember these rules keep this site a salon and not a saloon

This is your site and it is up to you to keep it a civilized place.  Users who do not follow these rules will be warned.  Users who continue to break the rules the user will be blocked.


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