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FDR´s Antisemitism Doomed Thousands of Jews To Suffer The Holocaust:
A Lesson For Today´s Jewish Leaders

Posted By: Yidwithlid      4/5/2013 12:41:54 PM
The Lid, by Jeff Dunetz
Original Article

Typically when one asks a member of the "Greatest Generation" about FDR they immediately develop a sense of awe that reminds me of those little green aliens (undocumented space men?) in Toy Story every time they see Buzz Lightyear. I´ve never understood the reverence for Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He did pick great Generals and led this country to victory in WWII. But on the other hand he totally mismanaged the economy, enacted freedom-sapping policies which never did get this country out of the Great Depression, and tried to circumvent constitutional separation of powers (now who does that remind me of?).

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