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‘Dancing with the Stars
Posted By: MOTUS      1/19/2013 1:27:28 PM
Michelle Obama´s Mirror, by MOTUS
Original Article

Day two,and“the festival of individual story telling”continues in Park City at the Sundance Film Festival.(SNIP)Every year there are several themes that emerge from the dozens of films selected for the festival(SNIP)the major themes from 2013(snip)anti-capitalism(There are other themes too, butt I’ll cover them later.)(snip)a good movie to watch while celebrating National Popcorn Day,my pick of the litter, Inequality for All, stars ex-Clinton Labor Secretary,Robert Reich-diminutive by both stature and mental capacity.(snip)There’s been speculation that Bobby Reich desires to do for the economy what ex-Clintonista, Algore, did for the climate...

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