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A Needed Stimulus For Our Robust Keynesian Recovery
Posted By: MOTUS      1/30/2013 12:52:32 PM
Michelle Obama´s Mirror, by MOTUS
Original Article

News Alert:Economy Shrinks in the Fourth Quarter, 2012–unexpectedly,of course.(snip)What? I thought we would be in the middle of a massive Keynesian recovery by now;that’s what swept Big Guy to reelection, right?(snip)this latest economic report does clear the way (snip)Dems to increase “discretionary spending.”(snip)"It is the biggest bang for the buck when you do food stamps and unemployment insurance.”(snip)This recovery technique (snip)is called the “Broken Window” recovery(snip)And although you may not be smart enough to understand how this works,your betters (Nancy Pelosi,Valarie Jarrett and Paul Krugman) do,so don’t worry...

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