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SOTU: Ye Olde Dem Party company store monopoly declares bankruptcy.
Posted By: njdittos      2/4/2018 9:01:01 AM
Dittoville.com, by NJDittos
Original Article

Remember Tennessee Ernie Ford’s lament “St. Peter, dontcha call me ’cause I can’t go; I owe my soul to the Company Store”? Company stores were the only source of basic goods available to employees in 19th & early twentieth century industrial towns. Having no competition, price gouging was commonplace, and credit offered against wages to helpless employees left many an indentured soul permanently “owed to the company store.”The extraordinarily positive response to POTUS’ uplifting SOTU speech made this writer think of the Democratic Party as the Big Gov company store monopoly that for generations has laid sole claim to millions

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